Interpretation – Remote Interpretation

Interpretation - Remote interpretation

Service Interpretation

While translation concerns the written word, interpretation is carried out orally.

We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services tailored to your needs.

We usually work with the same teams of interpreters we know well and in whom we place our trust.

Simultaneous or conference interpreting

For international and national conferences, local meetings, seminars, townhall meetings etc. Depending on the length of the speeches, simultaneous interpreters often work in teams and appreciate receiving some preparation material.

Consecutive interpreting

For interpreting in business meetings, trainings, visits and coaching sessions. The consecutive interpreter speaks aloud once the interlocutor has said a few sentences and stops speaking.

Remote simultaneous interpreting

During lookdown, a new form of simultaneous interpretation emerged: Remote interpretation. New software programmes and platforms allow us to work remotely, from home or our office in real time. The audience is connected by tele or video conference.

Whispered interpreting

The interpreter whispers the speech into the client’s ear. This is used for instance during a marriage celebration, at the commune, when one of the future spouses doesn’t know the official language.

Court interpreting

For court sessions at the District Court, Labour Court, Appeal Court, Juvenile Court, Justice of the peace etc.

Police interpreting

Used for interrogations, prison visits, house searches, etc.

What language pair do you need?

We provide interpreters in our core languages and many more. Please contact us to check availabilities.

Rent a simultaneous interpretation kit

We provide interpretation kits with a microphone and 20 headsets. Easy to install and to use.

Hire an interpreter or ask for details and a quote

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