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Human translation “Made in Luxembourg”

You might have heard about automatic or machine translation, pre-editing, post-editing and, last but not least, human-only translation. And that’s precisely our area of specialisation at Boutique Translation.

This service is possible with or without swearing or certification.

Our 10 core languages

are those mastered by our in-house or assimilated team:

- English - French - German - Luxembourgish - Dutch

- Portuguese - Spanish - Italian - Romanian - Serbo / Croatian

All other languages

For all other languages, we’ve established close relationships with freelance linguists, each skilled in their area of specialisation. Be it European languages or more seldomly used languages like Farsi, Amharic, Tigrinya or Nepalese, we are committed to find a tailored solution for your linguistic needs. Recently, we worked in Chinese, Arabic, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Russian, Latvian, Estonian, Albanian, Russian … just to quote a few.

Quality control

At Boutique Translation we apply the “4 eyes principle” and always work in pairs, meaning that each document is systematically proofread by two of our linguists to ensure a high quality final work.

What kind of documents do we translate?

Among the most frequently translated document, you’ll find:

We adapt to many situations and always take industry experts on board in case the documents have a technical or sector-specific content.

Other services

Sworn Translation

Certified translation

Service Interpretation


Remote interpretation

Service legalisation


Notarisation, apostille


Transcreation, webwriting

Service proofreading


Editing & other linguistic services

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