Proofreading, editing & other linguistic services

Proofreading, editing & other linguistic services

Proofreading 2nd

Among our ancillary language services, we offer proofreading, editing, rewriting, transcription, any kind of writing, be it public writing or biography writing, as well as easy-to-read texts and linguistic consultancy.


Correcting a text to make it error-free, focussing primarily on spelling, punctuation, and grammar. We make sure your documents are thoroughly proofed.


Editing provides an extra layer that may have a huge importance: reviewing syntax and meaning, reformulating sentences, finetuning style and fluency of a text so that the meaning is comprehensible.


If you feel that your text is not written in a professional way, we can help. Our editors and writers read your work, analyse the style, grammar and vocabulary and rewrite as much as needed. A proper discussion with you will be appropriate to clarify the need and agree on a solution.

Transcription of audio files

Some political or economic meetings require the transcription of speeches after the sessions. We are happy to take care of this too.

Boutique Writing

Our Boutique Writing service includes biographies, CV’s, administrative & public writing, drafting your graduate or master thesis… Translation and writing being closely linked and requiring similar competences, some of our linguists also have authoring skills and are keen to draft and edit any kind of pieces you may need.

Easy-to-read writing

We can transform your texts in an easy-to-read version for readers with or without learning disabilities.

Linguistic consultancy

Should you need some advice on any kind of writing, constitution of glossaries or style guides, our professionals are ready to help.

Other services

Service Translation


Human translation “Made in Luxembourg”

Sworn Translation

Certified translation

Service Interpretation


Remote interpretation

Service legalisation


Notarisation, apostille


Transcreation, webwriting

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