Service proofreading

Proofreading, editing & other linguistic services

Proofreading, editing & other linguistic services Among our ancillary language services, we offer proofreading, editing, rewriting, transcription, any kind of writing, be it public writing or biography writing, as well as easy-to-read texts and linguistic consultancy. Proofreading Correcting a text … Read More


Copywriting Copywriting is creative writing of marketing pieces. We are skilled in crafting body copy, headlines and taglines for advertising, and in writing compelling marketing content for posters, flyers, brochures etc. Transcreation is the term crafted to express translation with … Read More

Service legalisation

Legalisation, notarisation, apostille

Legalisation, notarisation, apostille Your translation is ready and we have done the swearing by adding our stamp, date and signature. This is a sworn translation. In some cases, for a private or public document for administrative use in a foreign … Read More

Service Interpretation

Interpretation – Remote Interpretation

Interpretation – Remote interpretation While translation concerns the written word, interpretation is carried out orally. We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services tailored to your needs. We usually work with the same teams of interpreters we know well and in … Read More

Sworn Translation – Certified Translation

Sworn translation – Certified translation Serving you as a private person or on behalf of a company At Boutique Translation, we are happy to boast a specialised sworn translation department offering sworn, certified, legalised and notarised translation for almost all … Read More

Service Translation


Translation Human translation “Made in Luxembourg” You might have heard about automatic or machine translation, pre-editing, post-editing and, last but not least, human-only translation. And that’s precisely our area of specialisation at Boutique Translation. Legal translation Financial translation Marketing & … Read More